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ission Mission

Department of Health : Ministry of Public Health

Department of Health
is the main organization
to protect health system for people’s health


"Care and Protection"


  • Develop, promote and support policies and regulations that are essential for health promotion and environmental health of the country.
  • Produce and develop new knowledge and innovation to promote health and environmental health which is of a high quality and appropriate for the Thai lifestyle.
  • Disseminate knowledge and technology which promotes public health and environmental health through a network mechanism. Support and promote this network to implement activities in accordance with laws and standards so that the Thai people receive quality health promotion and environmental health
  • Develop and strengthen the system for health promotion and environmental health, including related systems, by controlling, monitoring and evaluating the results of activities to inform the improvement of policies, laws and systems on a continuous and high quality basis.

Organizational culture

Consensus Or Agreement | Cohesiveness | Commitment

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