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Department of health

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For Over Half a century since its inception on March 12th 1952,
the Department of health (DoH) has undergone a series of development and reorganization in accordance with the country’s socio – economic and political situation and to keep pace with advancement in the health issues.

The DoH’s mandate, according to the Ministry and Department Reorganization Act, B.E. 2552 (2009),

Focuses on technical development, transfer knowledge and technology on health Promotion (HP) and environmental health (Env.H.) to facilitate good health as well as Health Impact Assessment (HIA). The DoH’s structure, therefore, is made up of four main clusters: Cluster of Health Promotion, Cluster of Environmental Health, Cluster of Strategic Administration, and Cluster of Directive Administration. All divisions/bureaus under these clusters have carried out their responsible activities which include health promotion, nutrition, dental health, reproductive health, maternal and child health, elderly health, food and water sanitation, physical activity for health, healthy settings, environmental health and health impact assessment.

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